Symbiosis World School is Thane’s first of a kind school and is a pioneer in the Education Industry. This is because, we at Symbiosis, aim at providing a deeper perspective to the learning of ideas and practices. Our education system is specially designed to help the students transform and cultivate into astutue future leaders, ready to take on the challenges of the corporate world.

We are an unconventional type of a school that certainly does not believe in rote-learning. We are more inclined towards applied learning as that is much more fruitful. Our content-rich programmes help students to be more intellectually creative and curious. These reasons make Symbiosis World School one of the most exciting environments to learn in.

Extra-Curricular Activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. For that, we have a gamut of different activities for the students to indluge in, instil a competitive spirit and also find out where their passion lies. Sports and various other physical activities such as Yoga, Self-defence i.e. Karate, Judo, Martial Arts, dancing, singing as well as several other indoor and outdoor sports training are provided. Other than that, picnics, guest lectures, Field Visits, documentaries and movies are shown to the kids as well for a more enriching experience.

Because of these above-mentioned activities, Symbiosis World School is attracting students from all over the regions of Thane and Badlapur.

Teaching Excellence

At Symbiosis World School, teaching faculty and staff are onboarded after a lot of scrutiny and background checks. They go through rounds of interviews where their skill, teaching experience, communication skills, knowledge, and so on are tested and only the best teachers with prolific teaching experience are hired to take optimal care and add value to the lives of the students as that is of paramount importance.

Symbiosis World School is the first experimental school in Badlapur that is here to make waves in the education industry. Admissions for 2021 are open now! For more information, you can visit: or call on: +91-7796140881.

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