Self Defence

Teaching self-defence can actually tend to decrease violence amongst teenagers and helps them to have control over it. The art of self-defence also teaches the tactics to avoid or escape such situations.


Yoga is a perfect addition to the curriculum of the school as it teaches one to bring the mind, body and breath to a perfect balance. Helps the kids stay calm, cool and collected.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports

Cricket, football, basketball and other sports are utmost enjoyable and exciting for all. Other than that, it also teaches important life values such as teamwork, discipline and the importance of hard work.


Music helps students to relax and is a great break from math, science, geography and so on. Your child might discover his or her love for a certain instrument and it may turn out to be their one favourite hobby!


Dance is a form of expressing yourself. We teach students several dance forms such as Jazz, Hip-hop, contemporary, etc. Dancing is no less than therapy and is a great stress reliever!


Singing helps drive the self-esteem of the student and is a major confidence booster. Moreover, children can develop their math as well as pattern-recognition skills with the help of education in music.

Filed Visits / Excursion

Field Visits are fun as the child now will explore the corporate/business world, beyond their home and the classrooms. During field trips, the student can have an amazing learning experience while having fun in abundance!! 

Guest Lecture

Guest lectures can be a great interactive way of learning for a child. An industry expert or an outside person can enlighten and share noteworthy knowledge with the kids and the teachers. 

Expert Lecture

Expert lectures are when industry experts visit the campus and share some insights about their industry along with providing life-long values and skills.

Medical Check Up

We take the health of the students very seriously. We undertake regular medical check-ups of students to ensure that there is no chance for any underlying disease or any kind of a health-related issue and that your child is in perfect health.

Documentary & Motivational Movies

Watching motivational movies and documentaries is a great way of consuming knowledge. It is never boring for students as they have an immersive kind of learning experience with their fellow classmates. 


Students also look forward to picnics as they are in a different space, other than the usual classrooms. It makes up for a great bonding experience between the students and the teachers while visiting a new place.