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Symbiosis World School, located in Badlapur, is here to make major waves in the educational industry. We want to train and brush up the minds of younger kids, help them achieve greatness, not by rote learning but with practical and applied learning. The learning capacity of kids at this young age is tremendous. They can grasp new concepts much faster. Learning is not all about books, it is much more than that. We help the students with exactly that.

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The Early Years Program is for a period of 5 years which starts from the Pre Primary stage i.e. the Playschool, Nursery to the 2nd Grade. We develop their cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, to help them get ready for the higher level, primary education.
Primary stage of education would last for a period of 3 years. From the 3rd grade to the 5th grade. Here, the students are taught and are familiarized with economic concepts, Yoga, sports, languages, music, singing and dance. Social skills, life skills and soft skills are the major skills developed in the Primary.
This is the stage where more complex concepts are taught to the students from the 6th grade to the 10th. Along with studying, the competitive spirit is taught and instilled in them. They are also given a chance to participate in Disctrict/State/National and International level of sporting competitions. They are also prepared for competitive exams so they are future ready. Lifelong skills such as Gardening, Sewing, Carpentry, etc. is taught too.

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